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Effects of global sea rise on the Adriatic coasts of Albania

July 22, 2013

Global climate change causes sea level rise, and especially is affecting low lyingcoastal areas of the world. In the next century, it is estimated that climate change will raise the sea level approximately 1 meter. Gradually increasing impact of this event will cause especially the lower coastlines to retreat back to the land.Meanwhile, many coastal settlements will be invaded by the waves and beaches will face erosion. Residential areas of the western coasts of the Albania, is usually on low coast areas. A probable sea level rise scenario will have serious impacts oncoasts of Adriatic Sea of Albania. This paper focuses on sea level rise and its impacts on the coastal areas and coastline of the western coasts of the Albania. For this purpose, satellite images for the years 1985 and 2011 the coastal lines were obtained using Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Techniques and change is determined for a period of 27 years.

Kurt S, Dincer H, 2012, Effects of global sea rise on the Adriatic coasts of Albania, 2nd International Balkan Annual Conference. Article.


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