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On the added value of regional climate modeling in climate change assessment

August 24, 2013

Regional climate models represent a promising tool to assess the regional dimension of future climate change and are widely used in climate impact research. While the added value of regional climate models has been highlighted with respect to a better representation of land-surface interactions and atmospheric processes, it is still unclear whether radiative heating implies predictability down to the typical scale of a regional climate model. As a quantitative assessment, we apply an optimal statistical filter to compare the coherence between observed and simulated patterns of Mediterranean climate change from a global and a regional climate model. It is found that the regional climate model has indeed an added value in the detection of regional climate change, contrary to former assumptions. The optimal filter may also serve as a weighting factor in multi-model averaging.

Paeth H, Manning B, 2013, On the added value of regional climate modeling in climate change assessment, Climate dynamics, 2013, 41, 3-4, 1057-1066. Article (subscription required).


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