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Ocean acidification and climate change: advances in ecology and evolution

September 5, 2013

MedSeA 150Ocean acidification and ocean warming are predicted to have substantial impacts not only on marine biodiversity but also on ecosystem functioning and service provision. Whilst much has been learned in the past decade about the potential implications of climate change on marine organisms and ecosystems, substantial knowledge gaps still exist.

In this issue, we have identified and addressed three major knowledge gaps of the organismal, ecological and ecosystem consequences of ocean acidification and ocean warming: (i) species interactions, (ii) biotic mediation of ecosystem functioning and (iii) capacity for phenotypic buffering and adaptation.

Godbold J A, Calosi P, 2013, Ocean acidification and climate change: advances in ecology and evolution, , Philosophical Transitions, The Royal Society, 368, 1627, doi:10.1098/rstb.2012.0448. Article. 


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