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Free access to the Royal Society Theme Issue on ‘Ocean acidification and climate change: advances in ecology and evolution’

October 19, 2013

MedSeA 150The Theme Issue from the Royal Society on Ocean Acidificacion compiled and edited by Jasmin A Godbold and Piero Calosi will be available free of charge from next week and during the next six weeks.

With the title ‘Ocean acidification and climate change: advances in ecology and evolution’, this Special Issue contains nine contributions that consider the effects of ocean acidification and climate warming, alone and in combination, on physiological and life-history responses, biotic interactions, community dynamics and ecosystem functioning over the medium to long term, across multiple generations, and from natural systems chronically exposed to elevated pCO2.

Present new evidence that supports the importance and challenges of incorporating long-term acclimatization and naturally adapted populations and communities are reviewed. Evidence is presented from field observations, as well as laboratory and field-based empirical studies representing a range of phyla and life stages in both benthic and pelagic habitats, in order to provide a balanced and wide-ranging summary of how marine organisms may respond to the ongoing rapid climatic change.


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