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Hydrographic situation during cruise M84/3 and P414 (spring 2011) in the Mediterranean Sea

January 15, 2014

Hydrography and large scale circulation observed in the Mediterranean Sea during the M84/3 and P414 cruises (April and June 2011, respectively) are presented. In contrast to most of the recent expeditions, which were limited to special areas of the basin, these two cruises, especially the M84/3, offered the opportunity of delineating a quasi-synoptic picture of the distribution of the relevant physical parameters through the whole Mediterranean. A section was observed from the Lebanese coast up to the Strait of Gibraltar. The focus of our analysis are the water mass properties, also in the context of the recently observed variability, and a comparison between the velocity fields observed using a vessel-mounted ADCP and those calculated from the observed density fields. Overall, a distribution of temperature, salinity, and geostrophic velocities emerges, which seems far from that observed before the beginning of the so-called “Eastern Mediterranean Transient”, a major climatic shift in the hydrography and circulation of the Mediterranean Sea occurred at the end of 1980s. Here, our focus is a discussion of the observed water mass properties analysed through TS diagrams and through an Optimum Multiparameter (OMP) analysis. Additionally, ADCP velocities are compared to geostrophic calculations.

Hainbucher D, Rubino A, Cardin V, Tanhua T, Schroeder K Bensi M, 2013, Hydrographic situation during cruise M84/3 and P414 (spring 2011) in the Mediterranean Sea, Ocean Science Discussions, 10, 2399-2432, doi:10.5194/osd-10-2399-2013. Article.


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