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A new design of multi-mesh survey gillnets to sample fish community in the Adriatic Sea

February 5, 2014

Three types of multi-mesh benthic survey gillnets were tested for their performance in the uniform muddy bottom habitat of the Bay of Piran. We describe the compared methods, present their positive and negative aspects and suggest a sampling design that could be used with different research goals. The research sampling was performed in winter in the years from 2010 to 2012. The sampling site is situated close to a sea bass rearing fish farm in the Northern Adriatic Sea. With the Nordic 1.5 type nets 5 species were detected compared to the 23 and 20 species detected with the Adriatic 2.5 and 5.0 nets. In the Nordic 1.5 type nets only demersal species were caught and even for those a much greater sampling effort would be required to reach a representative sample. On the other hand, both the Adriatic type nets also caught benthopelagic and pelagic species, and a correlation between net height and size of fish in these two nets was detected. While both the Adriatic type nets proved successful in achieving a representative sample of fish assemblage, the Adriatic 2.5 nets performed better in terms of CPUE and as such also reached a better cost-benefit ratio.

Pengal P, Jenic A, Pajk N, Toman MJ, 2013: A new design of multi-mesh survey gillnets to sample fish  community in the Adriatic Sea, Acta Adriatica, 54(2), 169-182. Article.


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