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Molecular authentication of Caulerpa (Chlorophyta) species along the eastern (Israeli) Mediterranean shores

February 7, 2014

Phylogenetic analyses based on ITS1, ITS2 and tufA gene sequences confirmed the earlier described presence of threeCaulerpa species, namely C. proliferaC. mexicana and C. scalpelliformis, along the Israeli Mediterranean shores. These analyses also demonstrated that C. mexicana is indeed widespread in this area, and ruled out the presence of the morphologically almost similar and invasive C. taxifolia. In the past, this species has apparently been misidentified by local phycologists. A consistent genotypic variability present in the Israeli C. mexicana sequences creates a well-supported separate clade when compared to their Mediterranean Sea counterparts.

Ukabi S, Shemesh E, Dubinsky Z, Hershkovits G, Israel A, 2014: Molecular authentication of Caulerpa (Chlorophyta) species along the eastern (Israeli) Mediterranean shores, Botanica Marina, 57(1), doi:10.1515/bot-2013-0093. Article (subscription required).


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