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Emiliania huxleyi Spring Bloom in the Black Sea: A Tentative Investigation

March 12, 2014

This investigation was carried out in the surface water layer of some coastal and open-sea zones of the Black Sea in May 2013 when a spring bloom of Emiliania huxleyi was developing. The numbers of E. huxleyi in the blooming sea surface varied from 1.3 to 4.3·106 cell/l amounting on the average to 94 % of the total phytoplankton abundance. The bloom emerged as a response to favourable light, temperature and nutrient conditions which have accelerated the phytoplankton growth to 0.80 – 1.44 d-1 while the predatory pressure of microzooplankton on this coccolithophore remained low. High net growth rate of the phytoplankton (0.40 –1.00 d-1) and low ratios of the specific microzooplankton grazing rate to the specific phytoplankton growth rate (34% on the average) in the seawater area can be interpreted as the evidence of beginning bloom.

Stelmakh LV, Georgieva EY, 2014, Emiliania huxleyi Spring Bloom in the Black Sea: A Tentative Investigation, International Journal of Marine Science, 2014, Vol. 4, No. 17. Article.


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