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Data on macro zoobenthos in rocky areas of the Adriatic Sea of Albania

March 17, 2014

The present study aims to assess and analyze the species composition, abundance and environmental state of the macro zoobenthic community of the rocky areas along the Adriatic coast of Albania. Benthic samples have been taken during July – August 2011 in four rocky coastal areas, where 140 taxa of macro zoobenthos have been recorded in total. The groups with the highest presence and abundance were mollusks of the families Patellidae, Trochidae, Cerithiidae, Muricidae, Risoiidae and Vermetidae, crustaceans of the families Balanidae, Gamaridae, Grapsidae and Mayidae, as well as the polychaetes Serpulidae. Five species have been reported for the first time for Albania: the gastropods  Trimusculus mammillaris and Vexillum savignyi, the bivalves Acesta excavata and Musculista senhousia, and the sponge Hexadella racovitzai. Two alien mollusk species for the Mediterranean have been recorded: Rapana venosa and Musculista senhousia. From a preliminary assessment, the benthic community in the studied area seems to have a relatively low stability and unfavorable environmental state. The species composition and abundance of benthic macro invertebrates in this area are under the influence of the exposal of the coast, algal cover and environmental impact.

Ruci S, Kasemi D, Beqiraj S, 2014: Data on macro zoobenthos in rocky areas of the Adriatic Sea of Albania, IMPACT: International Journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences, 2(2), 63-70. Article.


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