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40K in the Black Sea: a proxy to estimate biogenic sedimentation

March 18, 2014

An approach to estimate the rate of biogenic sedimentation in the Black Sea using the naturally occurring radionuclide 40K has been considered. It allows assessment of the contribution of suspended matter of biological origin to the overall sediment accumulation in the Black Sea coastal, shelf and deep-water areas. Based upon this method, a relationship between the biogenic fraction of the seabed sediments and the water depth has been established with a view to differentiating the contributions of allochthonous and autochthonous suspended matter to the sedimentation rate. Overall, 40K can be considered as an easily applicable proxy to assess sedimentation rate of biogenic fraction of particulate matter in marine environments.

  •  Gulin SB,
  •  Gulina LV,
  •  Sidorov IG,
  •  Proskurnin VY,
  •  Duka MS,
  •  Moseichenko IN,
  •  Rodina EA, 2014: 40K in the Black Sea: a proxy to estimate biogenic sedimentation, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 134, 21-26, doi:10.1016/j.jenvrad.2014.02.011. Article.

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