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First record of Coolia monotis Meunier along Alexandria coast – Egypt

March 31, 2014

The distribution and abundance of epiphytic and planktonic Coolia monotis Meunier along the Alexandria coast were studied through five annual cycles; from summer 2005 to summer 2010 at four sites: Abu Qir Beach, Stanly, Eastern Harbour and Mex Beach. The morphology of C. monotis was characterised by noticeable small size specimens in the E.H., the D.V. diameter is not exceeding 20 μm and width between 10 and 15 μm. On the other hand, the epiphytic specimens showed a normal cell size. The species was most abundant as planktonic form in the E.H., reaching 15.2 × 103 cell l−1 during summer 2010. The epiphytic forms showed lower density, with a maximum of 454 cell g−1 fwm during autumn 2005, 2006 and summer from 2007 to 2010. The fluctuations of cell abundance of C. monotis showed a significant negative correlation with salinity and a weak positive correlation with temperature.

Ismael AA, in press: First record of Coolia monotis Meunier along Alexandria coast – Egypt, The Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, doi:10.1016/j.ejar.2014.02.002. Article (subscription required).


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